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COMMERCIALS & PROMOS *partial list

Time Warner “Enjoy Local News Better” - Commercial Campaign 
- Shot 7 unique spots in 2 weeks on two Red cameras.

- Shot in 11 cities, 2 countries.


Monistat 1 “Feeling Like Yourself” - National Commercial 
- National broadcast :30 and :15 spots.

Kotex Tampons “Decide What Works For Yourself” - National Commercial
- National commercial for Ogilvy & Mather. This well received spot led to a large media buy.

Major League Soccer (MLS) "Trophy" - National Commercial and Promo Content

-Shot the trophy beauty studio shots and elements for their commercials and in game promos. 

Microsoft “Discover Customer Stories” - Promotional and Web Content

- Interviews and B-roll, shot in cities across the US including their Seattle headquarters.

Nintendo Wii "Guitar Hero 5" - Promo Video

- Shot official release promos for the 2 billion dollar franchise. 

Nintendo DS "Mixed Messages Game" - Online Commercial

Hess Co “The Hess Values” - International Promo Video
- Series of high end corporate Promo videos for Hess public web site. 

- Shot in Africa, North Dakota, and NYC. Shot from Helicopters, airplanes, boats and oil rigs across two continents.

Intercontinental Hotel Group “Visa Rewards Card” - National Commercial Campaign

Aetna Health "A Good Day" - Commercial Campaign

Pfizer "Chantix web campaign" - Online Commercial

University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) “Time to Shine” - Promotional Campaign
- 25 day shoot involving aerial photography, cranes, Steadicams and lots of time lapse.

- Campaign raised 4.3 billion for the University of Pennsylvania.

University of Connecticut (UCONN) - Promotional Campaign

Joie Car Seats - Broadcast Commercials

- Shot 7 broadcast commercials for EU market with child talent ranging from 2-6 years old.

Bristol-Myers Squibb "Patient stories" - Promotional Content

Hewlett Packard Enterprises "Key World Partners" Promotional Content

- Series of short doc-u-mmercials shot in cities across the US, UK, Germany and India.

- Worked along side local crew hires and rental houses to maintain continuity across 3 continents.

Pantene “Hairmergency” - Promotional Content

- Studio Product shots, talk shot style interviews, content and demos for Pantene hair products.

Taco Bell "Live Mas" - Social Media Content


DP, Viridian Energy - Promotional Materials

- Production Company - Blink Worldwide 

Covered major market product launches and national conventions. 

Delaware AIDS awareness Campaign - 12 PSA’s

- Series of twelve narrative style PSA’s filmed on the Red Camera for Delaware Health and Human services.

Hyundia Motor Company "Kamp Kona" - Social Media Content

Comcast "Internet Essentials" - Regional Commercial  

Philadelphia Phillies "Jumbotron Trivia" - Promotional 

Capital One "Summer Legacy" - Promotional Content 

Access Health "Affordable Care Connecticut" - Regional Commercial 

Auto lenders “Your Car” - National Commercial Campaign

- 3 National Commercial spots and related online content

Camden County Collage - Regional Commercial Campaign 

- series of three :30 spots “Real People” - Online Commercial 

Frangelico Liqueur "cooking with ..." - Promotional Content

-Recipes Shot in studio kitchen featuring world-class chefs for the frangelico liqueur web site.

TV & CINEMA *partial list

Watermelon Magic - IMAX, Children’s Film
- During principal photography 2nd unit DP. During reshoots/pick ups 1st unit DP.

MTV "The MTV Teen Wolf After After Show" (DP) - TV, Season 6

-Shot multiple episodes a day on the MTV teen wolf sounds stage in LA.

MTV "MTV News Hits" (DP) - TV, Multiple episodes

iHeart Radio, Daily News Series (DP) - TV, Multiple episodes

Ice Cold Gold - TV, Documentary Series

-Shot Philadelphia content for Animal Planet TV series.

Killer Closers (B Camera/ 2nd unit DP) - TV, Season 1 Ep 2 

Sad Clowns (DP) - TV, Pilot 

Nowhere Else (DP) - TV, Pilot

MUSIC VIDEOS *partial list

DP, Nell Bryden, “Second Time around” - Music Video

- Shot on Film

April Smith “Terrible Things” - Music Video
- Song used on the TV series Weeds: season 6

DP, Blood Sport “You Wrong” - Music Video
- Played on both BET and MTV.

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